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Back In Action...sort Of!

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post-171274-0-88623700-1430948095_thumb.jpg With my favorite rod in hand and my tackle bag on the seat of my walker, I headed out for my first fishing trip since last November! My wife drove us to Eagle Point Park since it would be an easy walk to the small fishing pier. Thankfully, my wife & my son's girlfriend were with me because I managed to leave my knot tying tool at home. Sure enough, I had a snag and had to snap the line. These two ladies followed my verbal instructions to retie my leader and lure. If not for them my trip would have ended after 20 minutes!

       For now, I'm forced to only fish from shore so if anyone knows of spots that don't require a long walk from the car PLEASE let me know! If you don't want them public, PM me.

       In two hours of fishing, we got some nibbles but no connections. It was still good to get out again!

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I'd love to accept Steve's generous offer but, for now, I have to decline. I have trouble climbing over the tub to get in the shower so I'm sure getting in & out of the boat would be very difficult. I also believe in splitting expenses when hitching a ride so my disability check would not permit me to do so. Thanks for the offer.... lot of good people on here!

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