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I will start by saying Ya- Freaking- Hoo!! :D.  For that last few weeks I have been in a serious inshore funk, and you know what rhymes with funk..yep skunk..That one word would best describe my last few trips.  Granted I was not fishing the best tides, but honestly I was starting to wonder if the cold streak would ever end.  Today put all doubt to bed.  I was greeted with a gorgeous morning, light winds (FINALLY) and an inside tip on where the white bait was.

  With a need to change my luck I was on a mission and something about the day just felt right.  First things first..Bait..Yep it was there and I got all I needed.

Next up fish.  Contestant number one was this 16 inch trout, a total surprise considering I was fishing in a spot that usually holds Snook.

Speaking of Snook ..Contestant number 2 came in at a solid 35 inches. Incredible fight..

..and Contestant number 3 this 30.5 inch FAT Redfish.  This fish would not quit..

And there you have it an awesome 81.5 inch SLAM..Although I have landed a few slams before none were even close and they all came while fishing on friends boats.  I am proud to say this one was all me!..Self pat on back :P







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Very nice inshore slam. when I got my first inshore slam I was by myself and nobody to  high five. I made a lot of noise just for catching a dink trout to complete my inshore slam. congrats again on your slam, it was a hell of a lot  bigger than mine.

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