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Nekid Ball Jigz Pro-Team Offshore Report - John Masters


"Went out of Miami and headed North towards Ft. Lauderdale

trolling around 15 miles offshore looking for Mahi-Mahi.


At around 8am three rods went off. One was a miss, the second was a Cow,

Dave quickly brought her in.


The third rod I grabbed was a 39lb Bull. As I was fighting the bull

I see a peanut jumping over and around my line. Start thinking to myself....

If that little $%^#$ cuts me off I'm gonna explode.


About this time I see Dave is using my Redbone rod and there was an NBJ tied to it.

Woooo Hoooo Fish On! Watched the Dolphin jumping over and over, figured it weighed about 15lbs


The fight didn't last too long on the 10lb test, it went into overdrive and is now swimming free with a Polar White/Crystal Flash Lip Ring.


Dave quickly grabs another rod rigged with a 1/4oz Polar White/Crystal flash, it only took a few seconds in the water before the line starts ripping off the spool, only to end in a quick break off.


Maybe there was still some nicked line that was higher up the leader that got missed getting trimmed off, Always check the full length of the leader and the last few yards of your main line. Looked like the biggest fish of the day.


Now that we have the Big Bull in the boat. We re-rig and begin trolling again.

After about 10 mins, we spot 5 Frigate birds circling and diving, so we head that way and all four rods go off.


We were in a LARGE school. I quickly land my fish so I can grab an NBJ rod.

This time the rods have on 1/2oz Hot Pink/Orange Shrimp.


There are still two fish being fought on the stern, so I chooseto go amidships and drop it strait down. It didn't get 10 feet below the boat before it was engulfed by another 15lber,and then a second one on the next drop.


After the fish were landed, we drifted for a few minutes so we could re-rig,

I made another cast out and caught another just short dolphin.

Back she goes!


After the guys finished rigging, we trolled for about another half hour and filled our limit.


Then it was time to go home, wash the boat, clean the fish, take a shower and

Pass Out." JM


Great Report John

Cheers TK





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Mentioned using those jigs in an article I just submitted to the Tampa Tribune.




"Cause they work.

Hey Larry,

Would you post a link to the story when it is available?

Can you give us a little preview of the story?

Thanks TK

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