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Hey Everyone

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Hello, my name is Dave.  I go by Juggler here.  I moved to the Tomoka Basin area near Ormond By The Sea recently from Oklahoma.  I fished some in OK, but fishing here is quite different.  I have a kayak and tried fishing from it several times with limited results.  I did catch some red drum, flounder and catfish.  But my success rate is low.  Maybe 1-2 fish every 3-4 hours of fishing.  At this rate, I probably won't continue.  So, I am looking for tips to increase the catch in the channel or around the islands around Tomoka Basin.  Also, fishing off the beach is an interest and hve had similar results there, but different species.

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Hi Dave - Welcome to TOF.


There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to saltwater.  Once you figure a few things out and have some success though - saltwater fishing becomes pretty addictive.  


Feel free to ask any specific questions that come to mind on these forums.  


Here's a couple good articles for starters and there's tons of other info on this site if you look around and do some searches.







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Never give up. Time on the water is your best learning tool, only thing to speed that curve up would be with guides. Guides who like to teach not just put you on fish. Or join a fishing club, always good info shared if it's the right club.

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