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New Personal Best Snook 42" Snook Nekid Ball Jigz

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Well today was the day! New Personal Best 42" Snook

Caught on 1/2oz Chartreuse Yellow NBJ. Got out to Pet Beach just after 8am.
The tide had turned and was coming in fast.
Had a feeling I should retie my leader and boy am I glad I did.

The hit was MASSIVE and she took off running up current then turned and made a beeline down the beach.

The power of these Big females is unreal.

Run after run, until I was able to apply enough pressure to bring her onto the beach.

My brand new leader was shredded, one more strong run and she would have been gone.

After a short picture session and some serious thumb sucking,The Snook, Not Me.... She was swimming Free!

Great way to start the Day!
Cheers TK



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