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Linesider Luck

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Started the night dropping a nice mid 30" fish right on a boat that was anchored up next to me. Wasn't fishing for more then 10mins and she ate a Zman MinnowZ. As the night went on the tide switched to outgoing with a 10knot east wind. Switched spots and got on some more fish. Picked off 8 or 9 fish all around 25-28inches. As the night went on I finally got a good bump but that fish gave me a run for my money buy bending out my trebles. Retied a new Unfair Lures Stickminnow and it got wrecked after 10 or so casts. This fish hit it like a ton of bricks. Having my drag some what locked I put the heat on her. I was able to turn her head enough to guide her to the beach and not have to worry about being cut off. Solid 38inch fish. Quick photo and back she went. As the morning went on I still had a good 30mins of darkness I managed 4 more snook and then went home.


Quantum Smoke 30

St.Croix Legend Inshore 8-17

Fins Windtamer 15#

40# Seaguar

Outgoing tide from 2 till 7. East wind 10-15knts slowly calming down as the sun came up. All in all a good night to fish and had it all to myself. Crazy thing is. The bigger fish was hooked before but was able to break off someone else. Reason behind the j hook in the mouth of one fish.




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