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My First Tarpon!

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It was 5:30 in the morning when i got up on June 13th and i was shaking with excitement. we had planned this trip a month back and it was finally here. We met our captain at the dock at 6:45 and left by seven. After a quick stop at longboat pass we loaded up with some more bait, large thread fins. We went north up the beach because after trying to go south we quickly realized that it was to rough to fish. We headed north and found a school but they were staying pretty low in the water and with the cloud cover we couldn't see any color. We had a few chances with the school but they weren't eating. That day there were two tarpon tournaments and so we were getting over-crowded and the captain had had enough. we moved down the beach and found a smaller school but they also weren't hungry. Pretty soon those same boat from down the beach made it to us.  We were being run all over by the same boat from earlier. Our captain was talking to his friend and his friend suddenly said their was one behind us. With perfect placement we hooked up! Pretty soon we were being pulled all over the beach. After an hour we got her in and released her. This was the only fish we saw caught out of a lot of boats. After fighting this monster i have a new respect for tarpon and those that fish fro them. And yes if you do watch the video that is my dad making sure the camera is working :). i made a video but it is edited bad and a little out of order but it took to long to redo. Here are some pictures too. post-218261-0-31200500-1434940415_thumb.jpg post-218261-0-32451400-1434940435_thumb.jpg post-218261-0-67996300-1434940451_thumb.jpg post-218261-0-45913300-1434940562_thumb.jpg bait clip.mp4  

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