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Hey TOF Crew,

Every so often we get a photo that says it all....

Without saying a word!


Just received these pics and fishing report from

Emerson & Michael Wilhite

Featuring Her Fantastic American Red Snapper ... WOW!

Caught on 1oz Pink NBJ.


"Hi Todd - I used your jigs during AR season..

My daughter loved them.

Emerson's ARS on NBJ - pink of course

We fished in 120ft. Experimented with your pink and green jigs. The pink worked best.

Looking forward to some more experimenting on Mangs and Hog Snapper."

Thx Mike


Congrats Emerson & Michael,

Nothing Better than Catching the Fish of a Life Time with Dad!

Cheers TK


Michael with another NBJ Red Beauty!


Michael is President of Release Offshore Gear

'Performance Offshore Apparel and Gear'



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"Thanks guys - the fish was in season and was grilled up!

The fish was trying to go crazy, so she was bear hugging it as hard as she

could..She was a little scared that it was going to get loose"

Mike Wilhite


Thanks for the info, she looked excited and scared at the same time.

I felt the same way with that big snook on the beach.

Congrats TK

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