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Red Fish After Work - The Bad Weed Part Deux

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Hit the water a little bit past low tide with a good incoming current. Not far from the launch site started tossing the Zara Spook topwater and immediately hooked into 2 micro snook not much bigger than the lure.




Encouraged I moved on to deeper water after some paddling since the extremely low tide made fishing the mangroves not possible. Saw an incredible amount of jumping mullet and bait, water temperature was in the low 90's and this particular area had very few weeds or algea. Found a deep hole that I had waypointed from a prior trip and began casting into the jumping mullet schools. After a quick hit and a miss I quickly casted again to the same area and got a nice thump and hook set, fish on! Knew it was a good fish by the way it stayed down and pulled drag, finally got it near the surface and saw a beautiful coppery red fish. After multiple runs I finally landed her and measured her out to 24.5", a very solid fish.






Had a few more hits and misses and then another good hit that turned out to be a catfish. The bite died soon after which I suspect had a lot to do with mullet fisherman tearing up the flat and sending the fish running for cover. In the meantime, I had one of the best photo opportunities in a long time with thunderstorms, crepuscular rays, rainbows and whole host of other natural events.










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