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July 11Th - Caladesi Island

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I haven't posted a fishing report in a while......that's because I haven't been catching then in a while. ; )


I got up pretty early on Saturday morning in order to 1) beat the crowds and 2) beat the heat. I was on the water by 5:45AM, heading to one of my flats to get some bait. As I am standing up in the kayak, I was seeing TONS of small white bait in the water - anywhere from 1" - 3". The flats were alive and full of so much bait. Ok, this is a good sign. It didn't take me too much time to get some bait. I start cruising to my spot so I can post up, as my buddy and his girlfriend was going to meet me out there.


I got to my spot around 8:30 and it wasn't long before my buddy showed up too. As I am making my way over to him, I saw tons of lower-slot Snook all over the place. Sweet....another good sign. Now, we just got to get them to bite.


It took a few hours for the bite to turn on, but we started catching some at about the last 1 - 2 hours of the outgoing tide. Here is the only one I caught that day, but I will take this 32" chunky monkey. My buddy's girlfriend also caught one at about 26" and lost one about the same size too.


The highlight of the day was watching an FWC officer "try" to pull someone over. For those that know the flats around Caladesi Island, a large portion of it is No Motor Zone, meaning, if you have an internal combustion motor, trim it up and pole or use a trolling motor to get around. Unfortunately, this gets overseen by a lot of S.P.O.R.E.S and Googans. Well, I am just sitting in my yak, minding my own business and FWC comes hauling butt up on me. He looks at me and tells me that he isn't after me, but after the boat a 1/2 mile away, motoring in the NMZ. The officer couldn't make it any further up the flat because it was too low, so he tried calling them on his loud speaker. The officer tried this for about 30 minutes. This is where the story gets real comical. The officer knew he couldn't get his boat to the offending boaters, so, the officer asked a standbyer if he could borrow her kayak so he could paddle down to the people......no BS!!!! The officer paddled all the way to the offending boaters and made them walk their boat back to the FWC boat so he could ticket them. I have seen tons of people ripping up these flats and not once seen an FWC officer ticket someone. The one time I actually witness someone getting a ticket, the officer has to paddle them down........CLASSIC!!!


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Rip, if you get out early in the morning, they're stacked up!


Ron, such a crazy thing to witness first hand. It's such an unbelievable story though!

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The FWC checked me the other day at my favorite launch site.  It was good to see them out there.  One of the guys recognized my fish board and knew who I was.  Nice snook BTW!

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