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Backwater Beatdown Plus Bull Red

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Been doing work the last few trips to the backwaters here on the Right Coast.. The poons and snook are around and usually cooperative on most days.. Even found some chunky reds back there the other day.. Been throwing the 4" MrWiffelure in just about any color (they dont seem to care) .. That tail drives em crazy and this lure is now a deadly tool in my arsenal for inducing massive reaction strikes..







^^  Hit it a couple days ago lookin for the snooks.. They were nowhere to be found but these reds were happy to oblige on the same shorelines.. I've only caught underslot reds back here so it was quite a surprise to put a 29" and 26" on deck in two back to back casts. The second red was so aggressive I watched him come off the shoreline and swipe at my lure repeatedly, missing it.. he finally hit his mark about 3 feet from the kayak and was one of the coolest eats I have seen in a while... Also saw a black drum who had to be pushing 40lbs, looks like he is stuck back there.. 





 ^^ Also some decent trout in the mix.. Forgot my hat this day so unfortunately I was sporting the ISIS look... 












^^  The Tarpon bite has been sick lately.. I've been finding some better ones in the 20-40lb range and hooking them on the reg on the MrWiffelure, but just cannot manage to keep them hooked.. I'm used to the 5-10lb ditch poons which aren't too hard to keep on the hook, but these things are violent beasts who shake a jig and sling it back at you like it's just normal everyday biz.. I went like 0 for 30 on hooked poons on artificial so I finally swallowed my pride and went out there with hand picked shrimp on a 3/0 circle hook under a cheapie cork float.. This has been the ticket, haven't lost one yet since I started this method.. Hate to throw bait at fish who destroy plastic but it is what it is.. 









^^  Been getting snooks here and there too but the bite was much better while the water was up.. It's on the rise now but for a few weeks was major low, and spots I was catching snook in during late may/early june had no water whatsoever on the shorelines, so the snookin has been a bit slow.. I expect it to pick back up as the water continues to rise.. 






^^ Not backwater related, but also got a nice 44" Bull Red on an overnight trip last week... Lost one that felt bigger.. Probably would have stuck around and fished more but all the glowing eyes around me told me it might be best to paddle on home lol.. 





Been having a blast out there lately! 

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Nice report Marc.  The reds up top are pretty fish.  The bull is not so pretty - yet beautiful.  That trout's a bit more than "decent" round these parts.  You called it the "ISIS" look in that trout pic - but I remember a video that showed the different ways to wear a buff with funny names calling that the "un-circumcised" look.  LOL

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