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Boat Hauling And Storage For Storm Protection?

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Short story is that I own a 22ft Bay Boat with a T-top and 150hp outboard. I also have a new Continental tandem axle trailer. However, what I do not have is a vehicle to tow my boat. When I have the boat serviced or detailed it gets towed by those doing the service. My boat is kept on a lift at Speckled Trout Marine in Ozona.


The marina has a policy that the boat and trailer must be removed from the premises within a three day period should a severe storm warning / Hurricane be issued.


My community is deed restricted and does not allow boats to be stored by the house and probably wouldn't be a good idea to prevent damage to the boat and house should a hurricane come through.


I am looking for a service that can tow my boat and store it in a relatively safe place for a short time during such an event and possible for a while if the marina has damage.


Any suggestions?




By the way, I originally had plans to have my brother-in-law tow the boat with his vehicle and take to his home in mid-Florida. However he has undergone a series of back surgeries and will be out of commission for some time.




At Last / Lloyd

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