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Wanting To Learn How To Fly Fish/ Fly Cast?

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I have been a part of this forum for quite some time now, I may not be as active as i use to be or as much as i would like to but from time to time i log in and put my two cents in where i feel some one could use the help, or just when i feel like butting in haha.

From reading recent posts on the forum on how to go about learning to fly fish, i would like to inform you all of how to go about it.

there are a handful of ways that one can learn how to fly fish/fly cast, one of which is the internet. there are tons of videos out now that you can watch and try to grasp the concept of the cast, however i do not recommend this because of how easy it is to pick up bad habits. believe it or not there are tons of wrong ways to cast. If you are going to watch Via youtube look up these channels, there are probably some of the better ones i have come across; "bumcast" and "orvis".

my other suggestions to you would be to get a casting lesson from someone, a guide, or someone who is a "certified" casting instructor. these are the most effective ways on how to learn to cast but some of them can cost you up to 60$ an hour.

there are also "fly fishing schools" offered by some outfitters across the state, that teach you everything hands on (dont ask who, cant remember) but they will also cost you a good chunk of change due to the fact that most of these classes also include a guided fishing trip (don't quote me on that haha)

lastly i will inform you guys that there is a full service fly shop in pinellas park, that does a free casting class called Bill Jackson's, Currently i am the lead instructor for the casting class and we hold the classes every Saturday (pending weather, and other miscellaneous mishaps) at 10:00 a.m until 11:30 a.m, sometimes it will lay over until noon. The best part about the class is that it's free!!

the only down side to this is that i am limiting my classes to six people per class until further notice. 

do you have your own gear? if not no worries we supply rods and reels for the class, however if you do have your own, it is highly suggested that you learn on the gear you plan on fishing with. 

we also offer Private casting lessons for those of you who want a little more hands on teaching, these classes run 50$ an hour if you are interested. If you happen to be interested in the private casting lessons, and have never fly fished before or have minimal experience I would recommend that you take the free class first and then take some private lessons. doing so will make your money go a lot further, and you will know what your getting into before hand. 

if you have any questions about this feel free to call the shop, and ask For Cody.

thanks for reading!


Bill Jacksons

(727) 576 - 4169


Happy hunting!

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This is beyond my skill set.


No its not.  I think you'd really enjoy it.  


I think women casters probably learn more quickly because we men try to add more muscle or power where finesse and timing is what's really needed.


If one of my daughters expresses interest in learning to fish, I won't even waste time with them on spinning gear.  We'll go straight to the fly rod...

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