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Moving A Boat/motor/trailor By Hand?

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A question for you who have trailerable boats. We're thinking of getting a 16-17' center console flats-type boat. Think Carolina Skiff or Boston Whaler, 60hp engine, and swivel-tongue trailer. Due to HOA rules, I'll have to store it in my garage. Thinking I'll be able to back it up the driveway and partially into the garage, then unhook it and use the wheeled trailer jack stand to finish the job so I can close the garage door.

So here's the question. Will this work? How difficult us it to move a boat like this in this manner? It's a regular 2-stall garage, 24x24, with the wife's car in it, too.

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It's fairly easily done. I have a 17' with a 90 hp. I'm guessing the whole package with fuel is about 2000-2500 lbs. Some trailers are easier than others and the more tire pressure the easier to pivot in place.


Some notes:


- more than likely your garage will have a slight slope; when in the final position I use a 1' 2x4 as a tire chalk; my neighbor uses the real deal; I use a 1x4 under the engine to prevent digging a hole out in the garage; if you do it enough you'll make a nice divot


- my garage is pretty tight with the boat in; the boat goes in at an angle with about 4" to spare before hitting the garage door door; I have mark on the shelving units where the center of the engine should go under, and I have a "X" on the garage floor for where the tongue should line up - no eye balling it; just line it up and done


- similarly when taking it out things have to be at an angle to pull out; so I have a line on the garage floor where the 2x4 chalk will be, and another "X" for the tongue; line everything up and it's a quick repeatable process


- I don't bother removing the 2x4 when pulling out; I just pull the boat right over it


- I wouldn't let go off the boat until secured by a chalk; mine will boat skoot across the garage by itself


- I put some leftover Styrofoam blocks on the dry wall; that way when your push the boat in there's no worry about dinging up the walls


Sample shots...


This is where she fits:




Line 'er up...



Settled in...



Car in...




More rain on the way...no problem



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