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Killer Trip In Marathon

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After more rain than I could take, I decided to abandon ship and head south to Marathon for a few days of offshore action with my good friend Captain Clay Shidler from Hang Em' High Fishing..  The first night we hit the Marathon Hump for the sunset Blackfin Tuna bite and threw only topwater .  Incredible.non-stop action.  We took home 10 nice Blackfin tuna fish plus a few Mahi, but 4 of us landed at least 40 fish that night..Stupid..

The next day we targeted Mahi. Several times throughout the day the bite was so good it was like shooting fish in a barrel, but many were peanuts (small).  Finally, we see a dececnt bull swim into the frienzy. I quickly grab my pitching rod rigged with a Ballyhoo, flip it to the fish, watch him eat it and game on.  What a blast, this fish came in at 15lbs.


The next two days we targeted Swords..no luck but we did stroke the mahi and blackfin both days once again.

Then a break from fishing and into the water with our Scuba gear for some delicious Spiny Lobster..We were joined by a few more friends that day and set out with 9 of us on the boat, allowing us 54 bugs..YAHTZEE!! We found a few spots that were obviously not picked during mini season and had our limit in 2 hours..so why not shoot some hogs and grouper..


Having such a good time and seeing the weather was going to turn to crap back home once again we decided to stay an extra day to see if we could finally land a Sword..Third times a charm..We got a nice bite on our first drift in 1500 feet, then nothing on our second drift...  We started our third drift in 1800 feet gradually working up to 1500,then it happeden we got hit..dropped back..waited for it.. and BAM... FISH ON..We knew it was not a big fish but knew it was a Sword!  High Fives all around and about 15 minutes later the fish finally surfaces..A few quick photos and a successful release.  Man what a trip..










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Wow Mike.  Some trip is right!  What a great experience that must have been.  That swordfish picture is sweet.  Surprised its not your new avatar  - although that flounder pic is sure impressive as well.  


I pulled up to your marina Saturday to grab some shrimp and your boat looked lonely just sitting there up in the air with no one to take her out and play....   

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