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Big Girl In The Groves

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Went out to a popular spot that I usually frequent in the Wintertime. I was actually looking for Black drum and Tarpon. Not targeting snook as I wasn't sure if they would be in the area. My buddy and I had a busy morning, going 0/1 for poons and putting baits in front of black drums that just wouldnt eat. So we set towards a spot that we figured would hold some redfish. Landed a few small redfish, and saw some snook laid up near the mangroves. So I positioned my yak to make a few good cast and my 2nd cast in, I get thumped by a solid snook. I only had 20lb leader but this fish wanted to play hide and seek in the mangroves so I had to get down and dirty with her and pull her out from under the mangroves twice! I landed her after a couple minutes and she hit the tape at 34 inches, but really really fat!. I love these summer time snook! She was caught on a Z-Man Scented Paddlerz Sexy Mullet Color.

Feel free to check out the video as well!








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