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A First

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Went out for the first time in what seemed like months and took our chances with the weather. The weather on the bay was not kind but we stuck it out, finding a couple areas for protection and those areas produced. We caught a bunch of small and lower slot snook (no photos) and a couple upper slot reds.


The highlight of my day was when I caught and landed my first tarpon! It was a juvenile but I'll never forget it. I'm still stoked and can't believe I finally accomplished this! Reds are my favorite and I've caught a lifetime of them but my first tarpon stole my heart. I'm going to bore my fiancé with this story over some blackened redfish tonight.


Special thanks to one of my best friends and my good fishing buddy for sticking it out during some bad conditions with me. I'll never forget this trip.


5 Tarpon (hooked) 1 (landed)

2 Reds

24 Snook




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