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Sjs 8/16/15

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So, I was finally able to take Miss BAY out and do some early morning fishing this past Sunday. Between all this rain and me doing chores and projects around my new house, it must've been 6 - 7 weeks since I've been out. I think I forgot which end of the rod to hold.


I was on the water by about 5:45AM and boy did it feel good to just float around in quietness and watch the sun come up. As I was waiting for the tide to push up so I could hit one of my spots, I was just drifting the flats, throwing a top water. I caught 4 lower end slot Trout. While just drifting along, I took notice of how much bait was in the water. Even though the water was so stirred up with all the rain, I could still see tons of bait.


Once the tide pushed up, I got to one of my spots. Within minutes, I got tagged by a big Snook and had her on for about 15 seconds, but she came unbuttoned. Back at it again, and same thing, I get nailed by a nice Snook, had her on, and then nothing. Three times a charm, I get slammed hard by another Snook, but this time, I got her on. She fought like she was bigger than 33". I tell ya what, if I was in to keeping fish and it was in season, I may have kept this girl. She was a chunky, fat 33" Snook. I bet the filets would have been killer! The Snook got a kiss on the lips, a photo with the paparazzi, and then was gently released to make us more Snooklets.


I wound up getting off the water by about 1PM and went home to do some painting in my living room. Hopefully if all goes according to planned, I'll be up early with the sun again this Saturday, trying to get on some Reds around the Anclote area.


Tight lines y'all!!!!



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