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Hey TOF Friends,

Just got this report from Manwich710
Personal Best Gag Grouper caught on NBJ.

"This is the only photo I have of fish caught on NBJ, but we have caught mangrove snapper, grunts and small grouper on your 1 oz jigs.

This day was first morning after a full moon 40 feet off of Egmont this summer.
Went out solo fished a NBJ and 2 flat lines, caught nothing but sharks on flat line, caught best personal grouper on NBJ, only hit on bottom that morning.

Had a nice prize to show off when I picked up wife and kid for sandbar fun.
Little cutie is my 2 year old girl Brooklyn Rose"

Congrats Manwich710... Nothing better than fishing with a Little Angel &
catching your Personal Best Grouper on NBJ!
Cheers TK



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