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Flounder Fishing In Lewis Delaware

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Use to take me 15 minutes to catch flounder like this in FL. Now it is an Hr. drive to get to flounder water. I caught a few small throw backs, and then this good one. I'm learning the area. I talked to the guy in the tackle shop before I started fishing this morning. I told him I'm new to the area, and I would like to know a area were the vacation people don't know about. Were the local guys go. He gave me a spot to try away from everyone. It paid off. Caught all on a 1/4 jig head with a Gulp 4" Swimming Mullet. It is so far to drive, I might only fish there maybe two times a month. Not too bad since I moved from FL. So far I caught Bass, White Perch, Flounder now, and a few Stripers/rockfish. I fished on this boat long ago. It cost $30.00 for a all day trip. Now it cost $90.00 for the all day trip. Had fun today. Forgot to mention, I was fishing in Lewes Delaware.



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