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A Little High Tide Luck Snook And Redfish

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Hit a popular spot with a couple yak buddies. We didnt have the best tide, but we set off in seach of redfish hoping for a good day. An hour on to the water we got completely drenched and fished in a huge morning storm that actually turned on the top water bite as we each caught a couple small snook. After the rains quit, we moved into a quiet bay with a ton of finger mullet. If you know anything about redfish, find the mullet=find the redish, is usually the mindset. I began drifting near a mangrove shoreline, and I realized there was an oyster bay right in front of the mangrove roots, and I saw 3 red figures casually hanging on it! Redfish, finally! And I was only about 10 feet from them, and I knew I had a limited time to make a move before they would spook. So I tossed my Z-Man Scented paddlerz in there, no hook up, surprisingly they didnt spook. I tossed it back in one more time, and immediate hook up on a strong 25 inch Redfish. I let the area cool down, but I figured the fish would return to that spot, so I anchored up 30 ft from it, and began throwing some flies at them. I then hooked into a little 20 inch snook. A surprise, and was one of the times i've caught a snook and wanted it to be a redfish instead. Relatively slow day, as the tide was very high and mad it hard to find the fish.




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