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A Few Weeks Of Fly

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Sorry, it's been a while since I've posted a report but I've been busy with family and work. I have been able to get out for 30 mins here and there. I have mostly been targeting juvenile tarpon getting ready for the poonfecta tourney. These pics are from the past few weeks.


So my daughter Alliyah earned a Daddy date and asked that I take her fishing in my boat at night. I promise I didn't influence her decision at all. These are the moments that you cherish forever. We only went out for a few hours but the night was full of laugher, good times, and fish of course. The 1st light we pull up to is loaded with snook and tarpon. I got lucky and was able to pull a poon off the lights on my 8wt. We moved on after that fish and Alliyah caught a snook before falling asleep on my front deck. lol It was a fun night that I'll remember for a long time.




The rest of these pics are from short trips on foot and in my gheenoe solo.



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