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My grandfather had a cane poll ready for me when I came home from the hospital after being born. Fished a lot when growing up but stopped for a while. 8 years ago decided I needed a new hobby & was hooked back in the sport. Having grown up just tying a hook to a line like my GF taught me, I am continually amazed how technical it has gone but still find it interesting & a good way to relax. Fish mostly by myself which is peaceful but also just don’t find many like minded people which can ruin a good time. Been a follower of TOF for a while now & wanted to share in this community forum, also thanks to those who give there time in for the love of the sport.


Fishing original Sky Way in the 70s. Grand Father, 2 cousins & me on right.


See you on the water!

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Thanks, as soon as i finish my buddies maintenance I get to pick up my new tarpon 12 footer & hit the water. My supped up pellican served me well but time for a upgrade.

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