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This Will Never Happen Again

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A few days ago, I decided to get out and throw some flies at some snook off the seawall. I started off just throwing some gurglers (topwater) at some snook that I was spotting. After missing two blow ups from some slot snook, I cut off the gurgler and retied on a white baitfish pattern. A few good sized sheepshead show up and are hanging just outside of the snook. Now sheepshead NEVER eat flies when I cast at them and I just decided to cast at them anyways. My fly goes right by this sheepshead face and it actually charged my fly and ate it. I instantly set the hook and start freaking out. It was a great fight on the 6wt and I somehow managed to trick one more sheep into eating a fly after this one was caught.


This was a big 1st for me and I doubt that it will ever happen again. Haha



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