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Clemson Graduate Students Conducting Market Reasearch

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We are a group of graduate students from Clemson University working on a market research Project and would greatly appreciate your help.  Our project involves an innovation for an aftermarket boat docking assist product.  This system would have watertight sensors located around the vessel as well as on the surrounding dock/pilings.  These sensors would relay obstacle locations to a user friendly interface located at the helm.  This interface would display a boat rendering and show the outline of obstacles around the vessel outline.  We have included basic renderings of the sensor locations and user interface to help in explain our product.  The first is an example of sensor locations and the second is a basic example of the user interface.







Part of our project to is to gather market viability data as well as customer responses to our product.  We greatly appreciate if you take 5 minutes of your time to complete our brief survey regarding this product.  The link is given below.




Thank you in advance,

Rob, Will, Qian, Michael, John, and Steven

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