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Pac Blue vs. Rusty Bellies !

Looks like Todd Randa is putting on a clinic with the Jumbo RG's.
He has been on a Serious Roll lately with these end of season beauties. Judging from the size of those plump nuggets, we are going to have a great fall fishing season!.

"My friend Brian Willis and I went fishing. he got his first keeper grouper weighing around 15lbs. great day.. I also caught a keeper grouper and we also caught around 10 shorts ...

Also caught a squid. all caught on the miracle jig.. Nekid Ball Jig.
Even the squid couldn't resist it.

My friend Todd, the owner of the patent really created an awesome jig.

Works on pretty much any fish. Its unique design triggers the bite.
Everyone needs to try it. Even my friends in MN.

I'm serious.. All my poles have those jigs on them.." TR

Thanks for the offshore field report Todd,
Nothing more satisfying than seeing the results of a great day on the water with friends and family.
Cheers TK




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