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Meanwhile...back At Fishhawk Ranch.

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Having my morning cup of Joe on Sunday when my daughter says "What sort of bird is that?"

Lo and behold it was a Bald Eagle trying to snatch up a duck off the pond.

I simply grabbed the camera and just snapped away - not exactly the best photos, but it was really interesting.    This bird must have been well versed on getting ducks as it knew the the duck at some point had to come up for air; it circled and circled and took several swipes at the duck but never sealed the deal.   Almost looked like a C130 gunship doing slow circles.

Eventually a hawk showed and started bombing the eagle and chased it away.  Interesting way to start the day for sure.

Tough day for photography and to boot I had the polarizing lens on.  I stayed inside the patio thinking I would spook him off if I went outside.



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Definitely a first in Fishhawk for me.  I've seen Osprey hammer the bass here, but never a Bald Eagle.  At first I thought he was was going for some HUGE Carp we have here, but on the 2nd or 3rd pass I saw the duck.

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