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Instagram People I Need Your Help!

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Hey guys I havent been here in a while. I usually post land based reports on here. But anyway I am in a contest to get the most likes to win some small prizes, if you guys could help a fellow angler out that would be much appreciated! All you have to do is follow this link




And like the picture. You must have an instagram account to do this. Also please tag your friends as that would be a big help. Please and Thank you guys!!!

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Sorry, Jonathan, no instagram here or would help.


My explanation as to why I'm not an instagram member.


Am sure those that do see me have already had their fill and looking at me in a picture may be more then they can stand. Also sure they don't really give a crap what I'm doing at the moment unless it's directly affecting them. Aside from that, I also have no need to maybe gain monetary value or otherwise from any pictures I've taken. If that were the case I'd have a different career as a photographer. Have you seen my photos? they make good kindling.  


Didn't mean to hijack your thread, just having a little fun. At my own expense mind you, was not in any way directed towards you.

Good luck

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