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Big Snook, Big Jacks, Big Tarpon And Big Ladies

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While fishing a dock light in the early morning hours, I caught a snook around 36-37 inches on a top water. Luckily she didn't fight that hard cause she was close to a dock.




Right after releasing her the water suddenly erupted around me, I was surrounded by the largest school of big lady fish I had ever seen, It was the size of a football field, they were blowing up and flying out of the water all around me. I grabbed a small swimbait and stared catching them left and right then all of a sudden it appeared that something tried to eat one on my line and a second later and huge tarpon rolled right in front on my boat......that sure woke me up. I thought it was just a fluke, so I continued to fish, not five minutes later a tarpon did eat one on my line right next to the boat. I stood there completely dumbfounded staring at my reel not realizing it was dumping my spool, by the time I came to my senses the line went slack, it must have cut me off on a dock or its gill plate.


So to respond I grabbed my biggest bait a 10 mullet swimbait and started tossing it around the schools of busting fish, it didn't take long before a big tarpon followed it and swiped at it right by the boat, but it was a swing and a miss. I tried a little longer then went back to the lady fish.


To my surprise the ladies hung around and never left so I just kept catching them, when I got tired I would toss the big bait, which resulted in a hit by a big snook, but again no hook up. Shortly after a school of big jacks follow in my bait, I tossed the smaller one, but because there was damage on my line from the ladies a big one eat it and snapped my line and then they disappeared. As I came back through that area I spotted them again, but this time I was ready and got a nice one.




On a different trip I spotted a big school of huge jacks while fishing docks, when I caught up with then instead of running they hung around my boat for a while. The first one I hooked up on was big enough to straiten out my hooks, the second one just came off, but the third one, which I think was one of the smaller ones, stayed attached.



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