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Wading For Flounder/trout

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I haven't posted in a while, not much worth posting.  Had last week off was able to fishing most morns, pre/post cold front with neg tides is a great formula. Waded my most commons spots in UTB.  Best trout day was before cold front landed 18 most at slot with a couple up to 16" also landed and lost a flounder.

Next couple of days tried other spots caught a few more trout with a caught/lost flounder here or there. 

On Wed once the water got cooler, found the flounder. Landed 5 12-14" with more the came off.

On Sat morn went out with Campdc from forum, we landed 12 12-17" with some that came off only kept 4.

For lures, went back to basics, used DOA Nite glow shrimp on a 3/8 oz mission jig head. Some were caught on a DOA new penny paddle tail and without tail.  Campdc caught with Zman shrimp.

Not sure what other people have been seeing but there is still a ton of fry bait all over and small schools of large ladyfish and sometimes large jack are pushing them in the shallow flats. Sometimes hard to avoid when wading The  jacks kicked my ass.

Also have been catching some snook here or there downtown, haven't really seen them push up with the warm weather.  I did get my only slot snook earlier in the month after a big rain. On the same day got my PB jack 26+" on off one of the bridges, got a few line cuts in my hand pulling it up. That snook had nothing on that jack for pulling.

Here are some pics











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Like the Shadow said Eat more Flounder.  Now waiting for silver trout to roll in.

Although flounder bit is on, still have commit and work for it.

From what I've seen, flounder was better on the lower out going and trout better on the lower incoming.

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