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It's Been Awhile....new Pb Snook Since!

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Hey guys an gals, it's been quite some time since I've actually posted anything on here. Still have lurked from time to time but life just has me busier than ever it feels like as of late. Anyway, it has been an excellent Fall to fish this year with the extended warmer temps we're seeing I imagine. Snook have been aggresively feeding with some redfish beginning to re-appear in our usual haunts with the slightly cooler water temps. Live bait has obviously been the bait of choice but topwater plugs are always readily available and have produced some nice fish as well. Between completely overhauling the trailer,adding a new 15hp 2 stroke yamaha, and making some changes each time on the water to my setup I have my skiff basically all rigged to my liking finally as well. I still need to get the gelcoat work done over winter and get  a shine back to her (haven't forgotten about ya Phil). Until then, she's running an fishing strong which is the important part. I've certainly done my part to slime her up as often as possible. Even got my first cobia on the deck a few weeks ago while fishing a trout hole with a XL Mirrodine.


















And, last but not least...three weeks ago I literallly got to watch this snook come to the surface and sip my bait up like nothing and continue to stroll the shoreline. I knew she was a nice fish when I saw her eat, but I didn't know she was pushing 40"!!! Caught on my lightest setup (of course), 10lb braid,20lb leader, an a 1/0 owner circle hook and released healthy to live and spawn another day!!





I hope all of you are doing well an keeping those lines tight!


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Thanks guys. Barry-That gar came from up in ozello. They are all over that area. Especially near the crystal river power plant. Let that one have a pinfish for a good while and still only caught him because the pinfish was stuck in his mouth. No hookset whatsoever lol.

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