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8 Pounder In The Wind

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I got up early to fish with a friend in his jon boat, but the wind was brutal, so we decided to fish another day. It was still dark and my wife was still sleeping, so I decided to hit a few lakes on the way home. At the first lake there were lights shining on the water so I fished it like I would for snook, working the shadow line, which produced a solid fish around 3.5 pounds.




I stayed there until the sun rose and decided to hit one more spot near by. When I got there the wind was blowing hard right at me, which made it hard to cast, so I chose to cast down the shoreline. On one of my cast, right as my bait came into view, I pause it right by the weed line and she nailed it. She was 8 pounds even and the best fish I have gotten in almost two years. I also included a pic of a fish from yesterday I caught on a borrowed bait.







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