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Why Hire A Guide?

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If you are going to promote a booking agency at least promote one that does not use decietful advertising.

Really? On an inshore Tampa Bay trip the captain is going to put them on Yellow Tail?


A captain who does not even have the proper permits is going to take them deep sea fishing for Marlin in the Gulf of Mexico?


Here is my advice as to hiring a guide. Dont use a booking agency. Most times the cost of the charter will be inflated.

Also when you hire direct you get to speak one on one with the Captain and get a feel for what he will provide on your charter.

These booking agencys only want a peice of the pie. For the most part they have no clue about our fishing and only dole the charters out to the captains who are willing to pay them the most.


If you want to hire a guide ask around for references. Look online for customer reviews of the Captain you are considering. Ask a lot of questions and tell the captain what your expectations are. If he is honest he will tell you wether its the right time to get those results or not.


Believe it or not All captains are not in it just for a pay check. Some of us love what we do and want a return customer.

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To be fair though, the reference to the booking agency was likely helping to pay for the site - so it has to be taken in context.


I think it was a pretty darn good article Gary - Very informative. Nice Job.


I am sure it was to help pay for the site


As always Gary writes a good article.


You and I know this. Average Joe vacationer who finds this site has grand visions of something that can not be produced but books a charter through the site and walks away with a bad taste in his mouth.


I have had the calls many times from potential clients wanting to catch fish that can not be produced in the Tampa Bay area. I end up having to educate them on our fisherie. Booking sites like this dont help matters any. But they dont care either. Because in the end they are just trying to make a buck off the captains back.

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