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I'm back my TOF family!  Completed a short scouting trip in Upper Tampa Bay on the 24th from around 9am (low slack tide) till about 1pm.  The fishing is no where what it's been like past Decembers!  Was mainly fishing topwater, mirodine, and select shrimp.  I caught 6 snook and 2 reds all identically sized.  Not great but definitely beats getting skunked.  I was not seeing as many fish in the water as I usually do.  Saw a few guides out there also making it rain whitebait but not much action there either.  I'm planning on going back out tomorrow but will try my luck much further south.  I will keep you posted.  Feel free to drop me some odd December weather advice via message.  Good luck and tight lines out there!



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My buddy just finally gave me the footage from this day on the water.  This is my first attempt at posting/editing a fishing video so my apologies for any shortcomings.  Like I said earlier, it wasn't a great day on the water and the video didn't capture everything, but working on this definitely makes me want to get more footage for future videos!  I hope ya'll enjoy this!




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