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Snook In The Rain

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Not seeing to many posts so I'll put something out.  Seems early morn rain in the winter is usually a good recipe for around the bridges. First cast this morn got a 20" snook, was able to land 2 more slightly bigger with two other hits and a chase in a 20 minute outing, also got soaked. These are this sizes I'm seeing (sometimes catching) the most, but numbers are down, warmer weather not pushing a lot of them up the river.

Did landed a 28" snook at around another bridge during the new year front in the misty rain.

Wading on the flats has been slow for me when I do get out and ladyfish still seem to abundant on the deeper ledge.

Did mange a small slam a couple of weekends ago. Warmer waters has been odd, targeting and catching some snook on top water where they would normally be in the summer makes fishing interesting, biggest was a 26" at a pass. Still able to find a flounder here and there.






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