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Great Week Of Tampa Bay Fishing With Friends!

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Started out last week heading to the East shore area.



We fished the out going tide, me putting away my arties and attempting live shrimp.  Rubin caught his first Red on an Artie! Great start the new.


The flats then erupted and Dave had a nice red on.


she was a 27" fighter.


me, ah well, lets say I should have stayed with my arties.  ended up with 4 or 5 rays, puffer fish, cat fish and some monster lady fish.


Next was a try a little further south.  After only a couple of casts, Derick Burgos jumped the biggest Snook I have ever seen on a DOA CAl.  MONSTER she jumped 3 times and two big runs....then broke his 25pd leader.  Derick estimated she was over 45". 


later I did find a few trout and Derick took home a nice red.



ok, I knew that Snook was on the flats, went back a couple of days later...bad tide (yep that's what I'm saying lol) found some reds, and more trout, but not the monster snook.  Red and Trout were on a 12 fathom paddle tail.




Met up with Henri White on Saturday and headed to Dunedin.  I was going to try out a soft plastic I had not used before..Called KWiggler...you bass guys will know about this.  We followed the mullet and each ended up with 2 reds CPR and Henri took home a 19" red on a spook Jr.




yesterday, headed to north shore with David and Luis...David swore the wind would not be an issue.  Well it was...lol.  Fished a new area, found some trout, flounder and a ton of puffer fish...I was getting cold, so we left early.


all in all a great trip around the Bay!  Bent rods and Tight lines!


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thanks Phil and Andy.  I had a good time fishing with awesome people.  Sometimes just getting out there is what its all about.


I'm going to pick up more of those KWiggler paddle tails.  I just bumped it off the bottom, like a shrimp, but it had a little more action and really attracted the reds, I like trying different arties.

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