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Gusty Winds, More Snook

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Started super early this morning downtown, between the passing showers and gusty winds it did not look very promising until I figured out where the snook were haunting. Although the WSW winds held the water in (maybe a good thing)  tide was still ripping out.  My first stop, snook seemed to holding along the deeper columns away from any structure and out of the wind.  Landed a few ranging from 16-24" with a lot of hits.  Next stop the was about the same, switched from a hard lure to a 4" DOA paddletail with same result.  Went to a third spot first cast 27" snook, then soon lost a slot snook, leader break, also landed a 20".  Went back to an early spot landed some more largest 24".  Total count anround 20, had a couple of good size snook miss, I was watched some of these snook swipe after the lure like ladyfish.  Definitely the most productive day of snook I've had. 






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