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Hey all. I know you have some experience catching baby tarpon on flyrods. This email we got today should be of interest to you. We are trying - collectively - to learn more about them.


From the Bonefish Tarpon Trust


We need your help to identify juvenile tarpon habitats in your area.  BTT has begun mapping juvenile tarpon habitat to


1) determine the habitat characteristics that are best for juvenile tarpon and


2) protect healthy habitats and identify other areas for habitat restoration.  BTT has already been involved with three juvenile habitat restoration projects and we will use this data to expand the restoration and protection effort.  

If you are aware of any locations that hold juvenile tarpon that are 12 inches long or less, please contact JoEllen Wilson at [email protected].  You will be asked for an exact location to better assess the habitat characteristics for that spot.  Don't worry, all information is strictly confidential and WILL NOT be disseminated to the public in any way.
We appreciate your assistance in protecting the future of the tarpon fishery.  If you would like to donate to this project or any other BTT project, click here...

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I wrote a story years ago about catching tarpon - babies and big ones too - on the hillsborough river on North Blvd. It is a killer spot. That entire portion of the river holds them, but you can get there at night. Any of the rivers have them though. The Peace. The Manatee. They are all around Davis Island.


How is that for giving away secret spots?

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Left out the Alafia and Manatee viewing center at Apollo Beach.


What we really need is a study on what makes them bite [consistently].  Now that would be good tax dollars at work.

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