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Heckuva Day On Lemon Bay! (Hey, That Rhymes!)

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WOW! Wade-fished Lemon Bay today. Started at 8:00AM, wading my "Southern Section". Winds were 12-15 mph at the start. Quickly got to whitecaps! Flingin' a combo of Zara Spook, Jr in Mullet and/or a 1/8oz white jighead with DOA Shad Tail in Pearl. Tally there...8 trout. 9" to 16". Then, to get outa the wind, which was now 20!, I moved up to my "Northern Section" of Lemon Bay. It was high tide, or had to be, what with the waves and water depth! No trout, but 6 Nice, NICE, Jacks, all over 22". 1 on the 'Spook,, the others on the DOA. People in boats, going up/down the ICW were stopping to watch/take photos. What a BLAST!. I didn't take any photos.


FYI: 6.5' Ugly Stiks, 10lb PP in yellow, 25lb mono leader.

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