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Launched out of CRB just after 11am today. Let me just say it was a tad breezy. Incoming till about 12:30pm, then a slight drop and incoming again. Water temp was a 70 at the ramp, but lower out on the flats. Saw no signs of life out there, especially with 20 mph winds. Decided to hit some backwaters hoping the water temp was higher and luckily it was. Used the Rip tide Mullet and caught fish on the shad flash, killifish and mullet colors. 


Windy banks have paid off for me in the past so I thought let's try it again. Water was churned up and not very clear, which I like. First fish was a small snook at 11:55am. Caught a trout just under 15" at 12:09pm. Five minutes later I hooked into a nice trout of 18 1/4" in a deeper hole. Caught a 17 3/4" trout at 12:40 pm in the same deep hole. Another decent trout of 17" at 12:46pm. Probably could have stayed there and caught more trout, but was really targeting reds and snook, so back to beating the banks. Nice to catch those slot trout though.


Small snooklet at 12:51pm. Another one a minute later. Set the hook on a fish with some weight at 1pm. A nice snook gets airborne. She gave me a good fight and came in at 26 1/2".




Fifteen minutes later I caught a 22" snook. Went shallower looking for reds and caught another 22" snook at 1:43pm. Caught another pretty good snook measuring 25 3/4" at 1:52pm. By now I was just looking for windy banks. All these snook and some of the trout were caught on windy banks. I tried calm corners and had no luck at all. It wasn't until an hour later that I caught another fish...a dink snook. Finally picked up a rat red of 17 1/2" at 3:30pm. I hooked and lost two mid-20s snook and a solid "keeper" trout over the next hour. They just came up and spit my lure. Another trout just shy of 15" at 4:57pm. Missed a vicious strike on a point and then caught a small snook at 5:18pm.  Getting late so I headed for the ramp. It was a lot better day than I thought it would be. The wind can be your friend.


Snook - 9 (2 dinks, 3 smalls, 2 22"ers, 25 3/4" and 26 1/2")

Trout - 5 ( 14 /12, 14 1/2", 17", 17 3/4" and 18 1/4")

Reds - 1 (17 1/2")

Ladys - 5 (Negative points)

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