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bassin assassin

Late Alafia Report

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Launched yesterday at noon. Water was very low and almost muddy. Water temp at ramp was 61 degrees, but got warmer as I went towards Williams Park. Got up to 67 in some spots. Water was coming in till about 4:30pm and then back out. I worked docks, open water and wind-blown banks for 3 hours and had not had one definite strike.


Went into a shallow bay. Saw mullet jumping and was encouraged. Worked the banks and middle with no luck. Was using a light power rod w/ 10# pp and a 1/16 oz chartreuse MF jig head with the RT mullet in electric chicken. Got all the way to the end and was fishing in about a foot of water. At 3:30pm, I was reeling in and my lure just stopped. Came tight and my line had already moved 10' to the right of where my jig was. I felt weight and a big fish took off for the middle of the bay. My drag was screaming. I followed the fish out and got fairly close. I see the broad back of a very large snook as she surfaces. It is a tank and I conservatively estimate to be at least 36", but probably bigger. I loosen my drag since she is out in open water and I fight her for a minute. The bend in my rod is significant and I feel all her weight as I put pressure on her. She suddenly begins to make surge after surge for a dock about 20 yards away. Instead of tightening my drag, I lightly palm the reel. She is getting closer to the dock and I applied more palm pressure, but apparently too much. She makes another run and Tink. She pops my line. I am still reeling from that loss. I learned not to palm the reel and always use the drag, especially when fishing light line.


Trying to recover from that misfortune, I move on. Ok so that fish was in a shallow bay in very shallow water probably trying to stay warm in the sun. Docks have been a bust. So over to another shallow bay. I finally got on the board with a small snook about an hour later. Mullet and other fishy activity too. Lost a fish that came up and spit my lure. Think it may have been a catfish cause I caught 2 small ones just a bit later. Getting late so I headed back towards the ramp to hit a couple of good docks. By this time the water was flowing out. Looked down when I began to work the docks and the water was gin clear. The water from the river was flushing out that stained murky water. That was interesting. I ended up catching 2 small snook off docks right before dark. I headed for the ramp. It was a difficult day and rough losing a big fish like that, but you can't catch them all. :(

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