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Anybody Want To Help Us Help Fwc?

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This was a message we got from Gina Russo about the upcoming show. They can use volunteers.



The 25th annual News Channel 8 Outdoors Expo & Boat Show is coming to the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa March 4th – 6th, and as usual we are looking for FWC volunteers to help work the FWC booth inside, and assist FWC staff outside during Kids Fishing Derby's. All of the FWC's major Divisions will be represented, which includes Marine Fisheries Management, Fish & Wildlife Research, Freshwater Fisheries Management, Habitat and Species Conservation, Office of Boating and Safety and FWC Division of Law Enforcement. So this is a great opportunity for our volunteers to meet and work with FWC staff and other FWC volunteers in the area.

This Expo is also well received by the public, with over 15,000 people in attendance last year, we were able to impact a lot of folks in the local Tampa Bay area! So I'm very excited about this year's event!  This Expo starts on Friday afternoon at 1:00pm, running through Sunday afternoon at 5:00pm. We REALLY need volunteers to assist FWC staff outside during the Kids Fishing Derbies on Saturday and Sunday, so if you are interested, please contact me via e-mail, or call 1-727-638-1009. I'll schedule volunteers in 4 hour shifts, but you can work a whole or half a day, morning, noon or afternoon shifts. Show hours are as follows:

Friday: 1-8:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am-7:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am - 5:00pm

Keep in mind, those interested will be able to view the show for FREE!! Can't beat that deal!!!
And of course, any 'new' volunteers will receive a free FWC volunteer t-shirt, which is your ticket into the show!

For more information on the Tampa Tribune's Outdoor Expo, please visit: http://wfla.com/outdoors-expo-boat-show/

I hope to see you at the show! :) And please pass this on to anyone you know interested!

Gina Russo
Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
Stock Enhancement Research Facility
14495 Harllee Road
Port Manatee, FL 34221
Phone: 1-941-723-4505
Fax: 1-941-723-4507
[email protected]

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No Barry, I do not think we will have a booth. We will be present though for sure. We go to help FWC whenever they have cool events to handle. The traffic at these shows is heavy and the more trusted people they have to keep people from noodling the redfish from the tanks the better :D

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The CCA booth is just as important. I have had issues with their positions in the past relative to fishery management, but man, over the past five years they have come out swinging.


We will stop by and share war stories. CCA has a major campaign on now to sign a message to all the relative legistators concerning the Gulf States taking back control over gulf fish. Including, of course, the American Red Snapper, among many others. CCA is something we should all support for sure.


Anybody reading this should check out this story. And when you are done reading it, dig into your coin jar and become a member. We all need to work together, and CCA is a perfect portal to enter the political arena. And you are in it whether you want to be or not. Today it's red snapper. Tomorrow?


Snook, trout, redfish, kingfish, Spanish Mackerel. And brim. Let's not forget about our friends the Brim. They (the ruling class) need more things to rule over. You and your stupid little cane poles are next.



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Virtually everyone in these booths is a volunteer volunteering their time (except maybe the vendors), please come out and say hi and who knows you might even find a good deal or too, a new boat may be in your future. :)

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We will gladly help other people too. We should have a volunteer for the volunteers to volunteer to help each other. Seriously, we will move around and greet you guys and if something happens and any of you anywhere at any booth needs help, come around FWC and find us.



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