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Cold Front Snook & Others

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For the past week and half snook bit has be decent in the river downtown.  Best times still seem to during the fronts moving in right before rain, in the rain or after the rain while pressure is still low and on outgoing tide.  Snook have been ranging 16-28", but most are 18-20", although I have mange to land more lately in the 22-24" range.  Xrap 10 has still been my goto lure, caught some with 4" doa paddle tail and the larger snook have been caught on a Rapala Sliver when tide has been a higher.  Sometimes have been finding large ladyfish up to 24"  mix with smaller snook and also got a 18" trout mixed with snook too. Oh yeah big gar too, thought big snook when I saw the back until the beak came up.

Most of the snook seem to fat and fight hard, not seeing the typical wimpy skinny winter snook.

First pic, 24", then 28" from last Monday, and  27" which was last night.







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