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Good Friday River Snook

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Snook bite has slowed a little in the river and still plagued by jacks, although I took my youngest daughter out and she got to try to reel in a 20" jack.  I have hooked/missed some much bigger snook but didn't go my way. On Thurs morn before work landed 3 snook up to 25" using xrap.  On Fri morn switched to 4" paddle tail after a few hits and a 20" snook, finally got a 28" snook.  Went back out Sat morn with DOA baitbuster, had a few misses in open water, threw in deeper water next to structure where the current is causing a swirl, then thump. large snook 35+".  I had to climb to the bowels of the river to get her.  Pic is just a silhouette me holding the snook with phone sitting on a tire next to a drain.  I was ready for a real river monster to come out. 

Went wading on flats after that, caught a 20+" in snook on skitterwalk along mangroves, a 16" trout on paddle tail with other misses, also had a blowup that knocked my switterwalk 3-4 feet out of the water.

Also last week caught a 27" red on skitterwalk while wading, love topwater red blowups.

1st pic 28",35+", red, last pic head of near 40" snook I had controlled but hook pulled while trying to get up seawall








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