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Beach Launch Site For Gulf

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hey folks,

i'm going to be heading out to try and get one of those early beach kings later this week and was hoping to see if anyone knows of any good launching areas in the st pete beach area and north up to indian shores

i have to trailer out my yak, so i did some driving around and found only a few spots to park but got to roll the yak out on the cart to the sands. not many places to park a car with trailer beach side save for the boat launch near park blvd, or up near bay pines, but I'd rather not do the latter, as yakking out of john's pass is dangerous with all the tourists and yahoo boat traffic.

i'd really like to target a little north of reddington up into indian rocks. that hard bottom really attracts the kings. 

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

thanks in advance!

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There are plenty of beach access points up at Indian Rocks. Some guys park in one spot and put their trailers in another. If the the trailer is small they put it in the back of a pickup truck or under their car. I fish there all the time and would enjoy company if you are of a mind.

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