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04/09/2016 A Successful Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful (With The Ssa)

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The weather was perfect for a clean up of the bay.  It was really amazing to see the amount of trash you could find by just looking a bit deeper in the mangroves.  I believe the final heap was about 50' long, 10' wide and 5-6' high.

Couches, mattresses, tires, toilets, giraffes (?!!), bottles, and more bottles and more bottles.  The recurring theme was they should outlaw the little plastic water bottles - they were everywhere.

I know in my group alone of 2 girls and myself we managed 5 tires, 106 beer bottles, and at least 5 garbage bags full of plastics...

I suspect that this was just a tip of the iceberg, but a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

Congrats to the winners of the $250 gift cards from both Citgo and TA Mahoney.  Winners ranged from the oddest item (TV/car bumpers, giraffes) to largest items (couches, mattresses)...

Thanks to Pig Silly BBQ everyone went home well fed and the Bay is just a bit cleaner - everyone present gets to fish guilt free for 2016.

Photos below...before/after, piles...and yours as yours a you see fit.


Not to be outdone I continued my trach clean up in the bay as well...


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Based on results and feedback I suspect there will be a 2017 effort as well.  Until next year if you see a floating plastic bottle pick 'er up.  It's good karma.


My fishing partner and I have mastered the "high" speed pickup using the bait net.  I see at least one bottle a trip - I believe my personal best was 6 in on trip (all keepers with a 24oz being the beast of the group - sorry no photos so you'll have to believe me).

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