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Nice Red 4/20

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I went out Wednesday for the 1st time in awhile. Beautiful day on the water.


I lost a big snook.


But caught a big Redfish.


It was quite the beast redfish - fat, chunky and a very strong fighter - I thought it was over 30" for sure before measuring. But was just under.


Tried taking a picture but the glare was really bad and I couldn't see what I was doing. Wound up hitting the video button instead so all I have is a couple short little vids that don't even really show the whole fish. Oh well. Was by myself so its just a pic on the bump board anyway...



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What did you catch her on?

Surprisingly it was a freelined 5" live grunt. 2/0 Owner J hook > 30 lb leader> 15lb line > Spheros 4000 > Med Calico Jack rod.


I pulled up some good sized pinfish intending to hit some docks and try for a nice snook.


No luck as I tried the pins under docks. I had 2 good grunts so put one on and it quickly got slammed by a topslot/overslot snook which surfaced at first and then bulldogged me to a dock and broke me off.


So I re-tied and put the other grunt on and just about 10 minutes later and a couple docks down got slammed again.


Ah - redemption I thought as the obviously big fish ran away from the dock. But after the 3rd run and no attempt at surfacing, I started to wonder. Then once I got it closer and saw the flash of copper, I knew it was redemption in a different form.


Certainly not a disappointment though. That was a bad ass redfish.


I kept at it until the outgoing water stopped moving tossing pinfish and Zman Paddlers but no more hits. Apparently pigfish and only pigfish was all anyone was interested in and I only had the 2.

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Snook hate those grunts...the grunts eat the Snook fry and they don't take too kindly too that! Best part is they come with a built-in noise maker that attracts Snook from a mile away!!!

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