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Hey new guy to the forum.  Name is Mike and I live in the Brandon area.  My interest is almost 100% inshore fishing with some fresh water bass fishing mixed in.  I'd call myself a recreational fisherman getting out couple times a month.  I enjoy catching the typical inshore species.  I do not know how to throw a net so I fish mainly with shrimp, pin fish and cut lady fish.  I'd probably say trout is my fave thing to fish for just because I enjoy the beauty of them.


I'd love to learn more about artificial fishing and presentations.  I will start numerous topics shortly, some of which will not gain much interest I am sure.


I am in my mid 40's.


I prefer to go out of EG Simmons, Williams or Domino.


I am getting ready to order a 2016 Spyder FX19 Vapor with a 115HP Yamaha SHO.  I am waiting on the new warranty promotion so I can get a few extra years on that.  I missed the one that ended in March and am told it should be back around in June.


Guess that's it for now, thanks for having me.

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well I read a thread where people were talking about this place being in the toilet.  I can now see why.  No conversations, only views...........peace out.

Mike, that's certainly a very negative post, especially since it was less than six hours since your introductory post on a weekday when most folks are working. 


I don't think you'll be missed.

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There are a lot of nice people here that do not see the world through dark glasses. Welcome to the site. There are year of content here about how to fish, when to fish, where to fish, and even people to go fishing with.


A lot of people have met each other here and I would not count anything our or judge things. People are great at talking negative shit while doing very little for anybody but themselves. That is cool, but only for a select few I guess.


Talk here. You will find people with faces and real names talking back.



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