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Good App For Gps

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I am wondering if anyone has found a good mapping app for your phone? I would like to put the reefs in there so it would show them and it would also show my position. Thanks!

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I use Gaia GPS on phone and iPad. You can choose the map or satellite image you prefer, it allows you to plan a route, including waypoints of spots you want to fish, then tracks/records your trip and you can add waypoints and pictures on the way. I think it is less than 20 bucks but it is well worth it.

Automatically syncs a planned trip from iPad or computer to my phone. So I can plan a trip on the big screen and when I launch the same info is on the phone. This would seem to work for what you want to do.


The recorded tracks serve as my fishing log and I can add notes, such as water temps, tides, lures used, etc. Right handy and it's always in my pocket.


The only problem I have is seeing the image on my phone in bright sunlight. Any suggestions to fix or deal with this issue? I can reverse the colors in the screen but that does not allow me to see bottom contours as well.


If you are going to be at the May 17 BACK club meeting, find me and I will show it to you.



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