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Cold Front Snook, In May?

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Bite has slowed down for the bridges downtown, did get broke off a couple of times.  Snook seem to be more picky leaving the river than coming for the winter. 

Hanboy and I went wading right after the rain stopped from cold front last week. Although it was at the bottom of the low tide it was still much higher from the rain but the clarity was fairly good.  He caught a near slot snook while walking out like on his second or third cast.  After 30 minutes of top water, switched to a 4" DOA paddletail, there seemed to be bait getting chased but no blow ups.   Kept throwing where I saw the chasing, in about 5 minutes, hard pull, big swirl in front of me, and of to the races.  She ran me 40-50yrds on a fairly tight drag, then she ran right back at me while trying to keep the line tight.  Right after gripping her, hooked pop out. Ended up being 37".  Actually was prepared with a 50lb leader but was barely scuffed, go figure.





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